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Attend Social Gatherings without Breaking the Bank

Christmas is the merriest season when all your friends want to meet-up and invite you to their gatherings. The festive spirit of the celebration makes you say “yes” without thinking.

Anyway, this happens once a year so why not enjoy to the fullest. But don’t forget that all these gatherings involve spending. You need your budgeting skills to be able to attend them without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to do it!

Allocate fund for everything.

For the holiday season, add a “social events” category in your budget. Budgeting helps you set an allocation for everything. You need a separate fund to pay for the ticket price, buy a gift for the host, or anything that you need to share for the events.

Know the reason why you want to attend.

Your whys will determine the importance of the gathering for you. There are occasions that you do not want to miss out especially when it involves family or close friends. For other types of events, know your foremost intentions. This method will help you prioritize the meaningful events.

Volunteer to organize the event.

If you love organizing, volunteer your service. Ask some of your friends to be part of the team. Be creative. Delegate tasks to your team members, encourage everyone to share potluck dishes.

Find cheaper or free alternatives.

Look for activities that you can do together that is budget-friendly such as community events, concert-for-a-cause, or a picnic. Instead of dinner, why not organize a coffee meet-up. You can also suggest for the group to donate to a charity event. Find activities that are fun and meaningful for the whole group, something that will not break everyone’s budget.

Budgeting will be easy. You can enjoy the holiday season with special people in your life without spending a lot.

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