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So, Why Do You Overspend?

You have a budget but you still overspend. This is a reality for many people who successfully divide the salary into different expenditures yet found at the end of the month that they overspend.

Here are some of the reasons why you overspend:

#1 – You buy extras

How many times do you grab something that you see in the grocery or department store?

Impulsive buys put a dent in your budget. The next time you see something, that attracts you, evaluate if it is essential or within the budget. Always shop with a list and stick to it.

Eat before you shop.

#2 – You allow your needs and wants to become mixed up

It is easy to convince yourself that you need another dress, another lipstick, or another jar of peanut butter. It becomes easier to succumb into temptation when you see a sale or you are feeling stress. However, the habit will constantly blow your budget.

#3 – You do not track your expenses

It is not enough to make a budget, you need to track your purchases to prevent overspending. By tracking your expenses, you can see how much remains in each category and adjusts to your spending.

#4 – You forget the main reason why you create a budget

When you are focused on achieving your future goal, you learn to let go of unnecessary whims and wants. Fight the urge to buy something that will derail you from your main objective. One way to remind yourself is to tape a photo of your goal in your fridge or mirror.

#5 – You do not make adjustments

Unexpected things happen which affect your personal finances. Learn to adapt to the additional expenses by cutting back on some categories.

By examining the reasons above, you see where your money goes and why you overspend beyond your budget.

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